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What are the Different Types of Marble Flooring?

Marble is one of the most luxurious flooring choices for use in the home. The right marble can perfectly complement an entrance, kitchen, living room, or any other space that you could think of! It can give your home a touch of class that no other flooring can.

How do you know the right kind of marble to choose? Which will be right for which area? This article covers some of the more readily available types of marble.


What is marble?

There are three different types of marble that area available for flooring. These are:

  • Calcite Marble
  • Dolomite Marble
  • Magnesium Marble

Each may contain other minerals such as Quartz, Garnet, Talc, and Forsterite. Marble is generally classified by the region that it occurs in.

Marble may occur in a huge variety of colours, from whites and beiges, through to reds, greens, browns, and blacks. Each type of marble will have different streak patterns, widths, and grains.


What are the different types of marble?

Crema Beige

This is a type of marble originating from Turkey. As the name indicates, the marble has a cream beige hue to it. The colour across the stone is consistent, with not much variation, which makes it appear almost flat, but with a hint of depth.

Crema Marfil

Not technically a marble, but a limestone, real Cream Marfil mimics the look of marble. Original Crema Marfil is from a region in Spain near Alicante. It has a light cream colour to it with a little more variation to it than the Crema Beige.


Calacatta marble is a brilliant white marble with light grey larger, thicker striations throughout. This type of marble looks amazing over a wider area, or in the bathroom. Calacatta does not in fact come from Calcutta, India, but from Carrara in Italy– which is also the name of our next marble.


Carrara marble is quite similar to Calcatta marble, which is why the two can get mixed up fairly easily. The main difference between the two is in the veining. While Calcutta has longer, thicker, and sometimes meandering veining, Carrara marble has finer, more prevalent veins which tend to be fairly linear. Got it? Good!

Dark Emperador

Dark Emperador is one of the darker marbles that you can use and is popular in Australian homes. The marble is an earthy brown with light cream to beige veins throughout. This type of marble is originally from Spain too.


Could you guess from the name that this marble is from Greece? This is a beautiful white marble with very light grey to blue striations. It is popular for indoor use including  bathrooms  and  statues.


Of course, there are many more different marbles than just what we’ve named here! If you are looking for inspiration for your marble floor in Sydney, or maybe just a little confused, may sure to call us at Marble Matters on (02) 9648 6222.  We are experienced in a huge variety of marbles and would love to help you out with all your marble flooring needs.