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Stone Tiles – How They Can Add Class To Your Outdoor Area

Bricks are so passé! If you’re redesigning your outdoor area you want to really make it pop. If you’re stuck for flooring ideas we’re in with the top tip for making your outdoor area classy, hardwearing, and gorgeous. The verdict is in – and its stone tiles.

While you might think that stone flooring is strictly for classing up your interiors, that’s simply not the case at all. Well thought out stone exterior tiling can give your outdoor area that really European feel.

While most people chose plain old bricks or limestone tiles, marble tiles are becoming more popular as an exterior choice as they convey a timeless style that will last you for many, many years to come.



To get that luxe look, make sure to do some hunting around online for inspiration. The right plants, outdoor furniture, and landscaping can really bring your look together. Pinterest is a great resource for checking out the latest and greatest yards from around the globe and sorting out what you like and what you’d like to model your own outdoor area on.

This way you can take the best parts of other people’s ideas and add them to your own! For the best inspiration, look to European styling to really tie in the stone tiles.


Impress your guests

There’s no better feeling that having friends and family around and telling you that they really love how the place looks. Wouldn’t it be fabulous receiving all those compliments? Well that’s the effect that new stone tiles will have on your guests. They’ll be blown away by your style choices, and impressed with how tasteful everything looks.


Invest in the best choice

While you might be concerned that stone tiles aren’t exactly cheap, you’ve got to think about how long they’re going to last you, and how disappointed you would be if you chose to go with an economy option. Your outdoor area should last for decades before you need to redo it, and can you imagine looking down at boring red bricks for the next 20 odd years? While the outlay for stone tiles will be more, you should look at is as a long term investment in the attractiveness of your yard.


Our stone tile collections

We have one of the largest ranges in Australia of outdoor stone tiles that can be used to bring style and class to your outdoor area. In a wide range of colours, patterns, and sizes, you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for here at Marble Matters. Have a browse through our website to check out what’s on offer, or stop by our showroom in Silverwater for a real hands on experience.