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Marble Matters features an exclusive range of slabs. Only harbouring a high quality of natural stones, we provide all customers with beautiful natural stone tiles for any modern or classic indoor or outdoor project. View our full range of tiles, mosaics and slabs and call us today to make your enquiry.

  • Castile Cream slabs 215 x 160 x 2cm honed
  • Castile Cafe slabs 270 x 190 x 2cm honed
  • Lara Cream slabs 290 x 160 x 2cm honed
  • Royal Bottocino slabs 225 x 145 x 2cm honed
  • Pietra Grey slabs 260 x 170 x 3cm honed
  • Silver Royale Slabs 220 x 63 x 2 cm honed

Other size and finishes are also available as indent order.

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