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VANISH CLEANER is a two pack bleach cleaner for natural stone surfaces – in particular sandstone.
Natural dark stains in the surface matrix of sandstone are particularly resistant to strong acid cleaning alone but are much more susceptible to removal using the specially formulated two part product.

VANISH Part A is based on Hydrochloric acid and Part B is based on Hydrogen peroxide. The formulation is strongly oxidizing and should not be used without testing on a small section first.

VANISH does not contain phosphoric or sulfuric acids, which may contribute to discolouration and efflorescence.
VANISH is especially suited to the removal of extraneous transition metal colour bodies from siliceous surfaces e.g. natural sandstone surfaces. Surface lightening of colour can also be achieved in some surfaces.

It is NOT recommended for man-made products such as concrete pavers.

VANISH will also remove dirt and attack vegetable oil and fat spots on these surfaces.

VANISH may be used for cleaning steel surfaces although continued use will cause pitting.

On sandstone surfaces, VANISH should be applied sequentially as diluted solutions. Part A should be diluted (one part of VANISH to 5 parts of water) and Part B should be diluted 1:1 with clean water just before use (or used neat if heavily stained or black stone).

The surfaces should be rinsed and neutralized after application. In all cases it is recommended that a small patch of surface be tested before full-scale treatment. Always apply VANISH Part B to a dampened surface. Always check in an inconspicuous area to ensure that no untoward discolouration or patchiness occurs following application

If Part B is diluted in water containing metal salts or acids, then decomposition, as evidenced by bubbling, will occur. The effectiveness of the product will be substantially reduced in this case.


Concentrated VANISH is corrosive and may cause pitting of metal surfaces.

Determining the suitability of this product for any intended use shall be solely the responsibility of the user. ALWAYS TEST FIRST.

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