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Acidic cleaner for  tiles, ceramics and ablutions

SAPPHIRE is a blend of acids and nonionic surfactants designed to remove soap scum, water staining and dullness from hard surfaces such as stainless steel, ceramics, porcelain and glass. It will remove stains, effectively control uric acid deposits and brighten steel and porcelain surfaces while not affecting septic systems.
SAPPHIRE is completely biodegradable. It is a clear, viscous, light blue liquid with a fresh floral fragrance.

It can be used to clean many surfaces such as toilet bowls, urinals, shower screens, chemical toilets, baths and washroom basins, ceramic tiles and washroom floors.

Apply SAPPHIRE undiluted to toilet bowls, baths and shower screens etc, allow to stand for a few minutes, worked with a brush or soft scouring pad (avoid scratching) and then rinsed clean. For badly soiled toilet bowls, pour 50 mls of SAPPHIRE into the toilet and allow to sit in the bowl overnight. Flooring may be mopped with a solution of 50 mls of SAPPHIRE added to a 10L bucket of hot water.

Determining the suitability of this product for any intended use shall be solely the responsibility of the user.

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