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REFRESH is a light duty pH neutral detergent concentrate for routine/weekly cleaning of sealed surfaces. It is compatible with and will not affect the gloss on floors sealed with ENDURE, SLATE FINISH, MULTI SEAL, HD SEALER and all other Klen sealers.
REFRESH is designed for use in cold, warm or hot water and will remove and clean food deposits, general dirt, soil and grime build up and will prevent transfer of these soils to other areas such as carpets etc. by foot traffic.
  • Sweep or vacuum floor before shampooing.
  • Dilute REFRESH in warm or hot water at the rate of 20mls/litre i.e. 1:50 depending upon how dirty the floor is and mop onto floor.
  • Rinse with clean water and mop dry after cleaning 10 litres of diluted REFRESH should be sufficient to clean approximately 60 to 80 square metres of slate floor.

REFRESH is not designed for cleaning of slate before floor is sealed with ENDURE, SLATE FINISH, MULTI SEAL or HD SEALER - use HD CLEANER
Determining the suitability of this product for any intended use shall be solely the responsibility of the user. ALWAYS TEST FIRST.

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