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Cleaners - HD Cleaner

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HD Cleaner
  • Speciality heavy duty alkaline water based cleaner.
  • Formulated for removal of heavy grease & soil deposits encountered in kitchens, food preparation areas, plant, machinery & workshops. May have an adverse effect on sealer – test first or use Refresh.
  • Heavy duty cleaner for all surfaces prior to resealing to remove dirt deposits.
  • Must neutralise with a neutral detergent such as REFRESH.
  • It is suitable for manual cleaning or for use through high-pressure water cleaning machines. Better results are achieved by using warm or hot water.
  • General cleaning: Light duty 1:100 with water (1/2 cup to 10 litres of water)
    Medium duty 1:50 parts water
    Heavy duty 1:10 parts water
  • Pressure cleaning: Dilute 50/50 with water and then run through the pressure cleaner.
Use with care on painted surfaces and be sure to wash off promptly after application.
HD Cleaner is not recommended for aluminum or galvanized surfaces.
Determining the suitability of this product for any intended use shall be solely the responsibility of the user. ALWAYS TEST FIRST.

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