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Cleaners - Ban Rust

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BAN   RUST is a remarkable blend of acidic cleaning agents which easily and rapidly converts those brownish coloured bore water stains allowing complete removal from all masonry and other building surfaces.
BAN RUST also finds application in the marine industry for the removal of rust stains from fibreglass and other surfaces and water line staining caused by bacterial action.

BAN RUST is supplied in a ready to use form and incorporates a unique wetting agent to ensure total penetration into the stain to be removed.

BAN RUST may be spray, brush or roller applied over contaminated surface.

Allow 5 ‑ 10 minutes duration or until stain has disappeared before flooding treated surface with water to remove any excess BAN RUST.

For very heavily stained surfaces a second application of BAN RUST may be necessary.

Because BAN RUST is slightly acidic caution should be exercised when spraying to ensure vapours are not inhaled.

If brushing on to surface wear rubber gloves. Protective glasses should also be worn.

Where conversion of rust on steel surfaces is required prior to subsequent corrosion protection, HEAVY DUTY RUST RINSE RUST CONVERTER should be used.
Determining the suitability of this product for any intended use shall be solely the responsibility of the user. ALWAYS TEST FIRST.

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