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Kalesinterflex Tiles

Marble Matters stocks and distributes Kalesinterflex porcelain ceramic panels.

Kalestinterflex is a porcelain ceramic panel with a thickness of only 3mm and with dimension of 1000x3000mm. Kalesinterflex adds a new perspective to architecture and construction technology. It allows new ideas to be put into practice and create modern living spaces.

Kalesinterflex can be used in different application such as:

Wall and Floor Systems : On plaster board, gypsum, existing wallpaint, existing tiles, concrete blocks, splash backs in kitchens.
Facade Systems (mechanical) :Hidden Clips System or Fitted with adhesive on construction
Special Systems : Laboratory counters, hospital walls & floors & food manufacturing plants.

Ecological view of Kalesinterflex

  • it requires only 25% of the raw material used per m2 in a standard tile,
  • its production requires 8 litres of water/m2 ( a standard tile requires as much as 50 litres of water/m2)
  • its production requires 3 times less natural gas and 4 times less electricity,
  • has Ecospecifier certificate,
  • its production has 20 times less gas and dust emission, and has 1000 times less CO2 emission

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