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Pool Glass

If used with the corresponding recommended adhesive-type (epoxy-based, European classification codes C2 or C2T2), the proper backing amalgamates itself with the adhesive, forming a solid retention of the glass mosaic.

The characteristics and competitive advantages of our glass mosaics backing system are:

  • Does not invade the joints (contrary to “punto de pvc” from competing factories)
  • Increased planimetry on the base ensures increased grip. Ideal fixing resistance to humidity and its effects. Unalterable
  • Suitable for all kind of applications – outdoors and indoors. Versatile and quick installation
    (elastic, ductile, malleable. Reduction of manpower-costs)
  • Meets government requirements of numerous countries in relation to avoid the presence of a mesh between wall/adhesive and glass mosaic
  • Cost-efficient (requires less adhesive). Material savings
  • Unaffected by expansion, contraction and temperature changes. Does not deteriorate

Our glass mosaics  with POLYREUTHANE-DOT backing complies with the Australian standard of 90% adhesive-contact on the back of our mosaic.

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