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Granite/Porphyry - Porphyry Cobblestone

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Italian Porphyry Cobblestone                                 Colour: Grey Mix                   Finish : Natural
Available Size
  • 90 x 90mm – 40 to 60mm      ( 100mm & 200mm wide tiles available )
You can download our porphyry stone specification and installation guide lines here.
Porphyry has been used as a paving stone for centuries. It was easy to quarry and due to its natural flat shape with very high wearing properties, Romans used it extensively. Porphyry is a type of granite that has naturally extruded through the earth’s crust. Unlike most granites, it fissured in layers due to seismic activity. Traditional porphyry pavers have variable thicknesses with unique appearance and texture. This texture provides slip resistance. Porphyry makes excellent driveway paving stones and a wonderful surface for streets. When porphyry is quarried, it comes out as random flagging. The stone is sorted according to approximate size and thickness range, and is cut into cubes, rectangles, and squares.

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