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Pool Mosaics Bring Bling to Your Pool

If you want to keep your pool from looking boring and humdrum, incorporating a glass mosaic design into your swimming pool could be just the lift it needs.

Coloured cement finish coatings are typical, but over time they will start to fade, but if you use a solid coloured glass tile you will never have to have your pool walls recoated again – which will save you money in the long run.

Glass tiles are there forever, they won’t change their look or more importantly their colour which can occur through damage from the sun and chlorine. Maintaining glass tiles is super easy as the tiles are non-porous so they can’t be stained from items that end up in the pool, such as leaves or petals.


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Today there are just so many sizes, colours and styles available it can be hard to choose. Some glass tiles have a reflective quality thanks to a mirrored backing and coloured glass overlay while some mosaic glass tiles are transparent, whilst others are opaque. The good news is they ALL have qualities that work for many different effects and looks.

Glass mosaic tiles look great around the waterline of your pool and there are even photo luminescent tiles that will absorb sunlight during the day and then glow of a night time.

One feature that uses glass tiles to good effect is the vanishing edge. This is usually one side of the pool that has no coping – instead the top of the swimming pool wall is flat and lower than the surrounding coping, so that water flows over the top of the wall and into a reservoir below where it is recirculated back into the pool. A vanishing edge makes it look as though the water has just vanished over the side of the pool.

*The Beach* is also another really cool design – here the pool has no steps down into the pool, so it feels just like walking into the ocean or a pond. The pool bottom is constructed so it gradually tapers up to the level of the pool deck. This style of pool is great for the elderly or your children, and for wheelchair bound swimmers the beach style pool can be used as a ramp for the wheelchair as there are no steps.

This style of pool can be entirely clad using glass mosaics with the glass colour graduating from a blue or green to a dark or light beige as it meets the pool deck.

Coloured glass mosaics can also be used to help avoid accidents – where people jump into the pool and hit a step because the step is the exact same colour as the pool interior. A bright row of coloured glass mosaic tiles along the end of any steps or hazards will allow people to see any problems or dangers.