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Our Limestone Colours And Finishes

At Marble Matters, we pride ourselves on supplying the best Limestone Tiles and Pavers from around the world. We work closely with quarries and manufactures in Turkey, Iran and Egypt to insure the highest quality arrive at your door.

We understand what it takes to deliver the highest quality stone. Our journey starts in the quarries half way around the world and our specification and values are strictly adhered to as the product travels through the manufacturing, quality control and delivery process.


Our top 4 Limestone Pavers

Lara Cream Limestone Paver


Lara Cream Limestone Paver

Lara Cream Limestone Paver is available in light cream in a tumbled and sandblasted finish. This is a dense and strong limestone with minimal cavities, they come in a medium to light shade to help you create a rustic, earthy look and feel inside and out. With these tiles, you get the benefits of – being cool in the summer, slip safe, and high resistance to weathering.


Anamur Limestone Paver


Anamur Limestone Paver

Anamur Limestone Paver comes in a mid grey with earth tones, in tumbled, acid washed, honed and sandblasted finishes. This is a very popular product due to its unique distribution of earthy colours with brassy veining, it is dense and hardwearing with different surface finishes suitable for any project.


Silver Royale Limestone Paver


silver royale limestone pavers

Silver Royale Limestone Paver is available in light grey with a sandblasted + brushed finish. These tiles have a low-risk slip rating while still being pleasant under foot. Silver Royal new tiles are an alternative to other pavers used in courtyards and patios or around pools, with a straight edge you minimise the joint. They are cut from limestone blocks, are cool underfoot, easy to lay, and are salt and chlorine resistant.


Mersin Grey Limestone Paver


Mersin grey limestone pavers
Mersin Grey Limestone Paver is Light Blue Grey in a tumbled sand blasted finish. These are one of our most recent arrivals with subtle shades that work well in any landscape. Cut from high-quality blocks they are cool to walk on in summer, salt and chlorine resistant and they can be laid on concrete slabs or road base.


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