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Our Cobblestone options

Cobblestone is a natural building material based on cobble-sized stone.

In ancient England cobblestones were used to pave surfaces, cobblestones were eventually replaced by larger, flat granite *setts* these setts were even and roughly rectangular in shape, laid in regular patterns they provided a smoother surface than traditional cobblestones. Cobblestone streets eventually gave way to macadam roads, then to the tarmac and finally to tar/asphalt and concrete. Cobblestoned streets are still retained in many historic areas in Europe.

Today limestone pavers are used as cobblestones, and they are very much *in fashion* in areas around homes. They are generally used outside the house, along driveways and pathways and around pools, or anywhere where a unique look and surface is required.

At Marble Matters, we have a wide range of cobblestones to suit your needs and budget, ask us how cobblestone can look amazing at your home.

  • Granite/Porphyry cobblestones – Speckle Black Basalt in black, with a flamed finish
  • Italian Porphyry cobblestone – in a Grey Mix coloured with a natural finish. Used as paving stones for centuries Porphyry is easy to lay and its natural flat shape has many high wearing properties, which Roman’s loved. A porphyry is a form of granite, but, unlike most granites, its fissured in layers thanks to seismic activity. Traditional porphyry pavers have a unique appearance and texture which provides slip resistance. It is an excellent paving stone.
  • Limestone – the Anamur Cobblestone is available in a Grey/bronze colour with earthy undertones and comes in a tumbled + Acid washed finish. This finish of Anamur cobblestone is tumbled, and acid washed. Thanks to the interest in our cobblestones we were asked to make and stock tiles, and now have available two different size styles that are suitable for use inside the home. These tiles still have the same look and finish as the cobblestone. There is also a sandblast and acid washed variant of these tiles.
  • Pietra Grey Cobblestones – these cobblestones are available in a charcoal grey stone with white veins, the finish to these is a tumbled + Acid washed. These are available as both tiles and pavers.
  • Marble – the Imperial Brown Cobblestone – this tile is available in a Beige/brown colour with an acid washed + tumbled finish and is available as a cobblestone, Paver and Paver French Pattern.

The humble cobblestone is certainly making a comeback and is a popular choice in new homes and for renovations, the look and feel are amazing, with some limestone pavers or marble flooring tiles looking incredible in an old-style country kitchen. The colours available will compliment any colour scheme you have chosen for your home and look perfect in traditional and modern homes alike.