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New Product – Silver Royale Limestone – Pavers And Tiles

Marble Matters are always excited and thrilled to introduce new products to our ever-growing range of high quality pavers and tiles.

Today we’re introducing our new selected range of Silver Royale Limestone Tiles and Silver Royale Limestone Pavers. Check them out below!​

 Silver royale paversSilver royale Limestone Pavers
610 x 406 x 30mm  Sandblasted + brushed
1200 x 350 x 30mm  Sandblasted + brushed
Slip rating: Low risk when wet
salt resistant 
 silver royale tiles Tiles
915 x 457 x 12     Honed finish
610 x 406 x 12    Honed finish
200 x 50 x 12      Honed finish
610 x 406 x 12          Sandblast+Brushed
48 x 48 mm          Polished

 silver royale slabs Slabs
20mm                     Honed