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Marble Basins: A Detailed Buyer’s Guide

Marble stone basins, sinks and bathtubs can help to transform the look of your home’s kitchen or washrooms. In fact, few building materials match the appearance of marble. It’s elegant, timeless and will elevate the appearance of any interior space.

Marble stone works particularly well for sinks and basins. Bathtubs, handwashing sinks and kitchen sinks constructed from a single block of marble /natural stone are available in a wide range of styles, shapes and colours.

Are you considering a natural stone basin? If so, here are a few considerations you should make when purchasing a marble stone basin.


Marble Basins A Detailed Buyer’s Guide


Types of Marble Sinks: Styles and Mounting Options

Marble sinks are available in a range of varieties. First, you’ll want to consider the number of bowls the sink will have. In kitchens, a two-bowl layout is common, while bathroom sinks tend to have a single bowl. Additionally, one of the key differentiators is how the sink is fitted to the wall. The most common types include:

  • Under-mount Sinks: Used in both kitchens and bathrooms, under-mount basins are fitted beneath the countertop. The countertop and basin create a natural seam.
  • Top-mounted: Top-mounted or drop-in sinks sit fit directly into a hole in the countertop, and sit directly on top of the sink. This is a popular choice for marble basins.
  • Wall-Mounted: Commonly used in bathrooms, wall-mounted sinks are fitted to the wall. Due to the weight of a marble basin, wall-mounted marble sinks are typically supported with minimalist legs.
  • Vessel Sink: One of the most striking in terms of design, marble vessel sinks sit directly on top of the countertop. Bowls and square vessels are the most common types.
  • Integrated Sink/Countertop: A single piece of marble can serve as the countertop and sink. This is a common type of installation on top of pre-fabricated vanities.


Marble Bathtub Styles

Marble bathtubs are typically made-to-order, and they’re available in a wide variety of shapes and colours. Most commonly, a marble bathtub sits directly on top of the bathroom floor, rather than claw feet.


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Advantages of Marble Basins

Compared to ceramic, stainless steel, or glass, marble basins offer some key benefits. They include:

  • Durability: Natural stone basins are resistant to heat, chipping and cracking. That’s important in high-trafficked areas like the bathroom vanity or kitchen sink. Marble, when sealed properly, will resist stains, and with proper upkeep can last generations.
  • Elegant and Stylish: Marble basins have a distinctive, classy look, and they’re most commonly used in high-end, luxury bathrooms and kitchens. Few materials come close to marble’s elegance.
  • Design Versatility: Natural stone is timeless – it’s been used for thousands of years – and as such, it fits into a range of designs. From contemporary washrooms to farmhouse kitchens, marble basins will accentuate and elevate a room’s unique style.

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