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Large Vs Small Tiles in Your Home – How Does The Effect Vary

Large Marble Tiles Vs Small Marble Tiles


There are many different choices that we have to make when building or remodelling our homes. These range from the big decisions – such as how many extra bathrooms would we like to put in – through to the very small – do we need space for a toaster in the kitchen cupboard or will we simply keep it on the bench?

One of the decisions that you will have to make is about the finishes that you want on your floors, walls, countertops, splashbacks, and other kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Tiles are an incredibly popular option for putting on a range of both indoor and outdoor surfaces in the home. They are generally hard wearing, eye catching, easy to clean, and can be reasonably affordable compared to some other options.

Once you have settled on tiles for one or more of the surfaces in your home you will need to make a number of other choices regarding the tiles themselves. What colour, texture, and material would you like your tiles to be in? And what size of tiles should you be getting?

The size of Marble tiles that you get does matter.

Tiles can range from a couple of centimetres in diameter to half a metre, or more! Generally, the surface and area of the spot that you’re looking to tile will dictate the size of tiles that you should think about using.


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Large, light coloured tiles are very popular for floors, as they give an impression of a larger space. Larger tiles are also generally easier to clean than smaller tiles, which is always good for floors, as we find ourselves cleaning them more often than we would in another area. The same goes for shower floor recesses, and kitchen or bathroom walls.

For feature walls, countertops, splashback, and other small areas, people often choose small tiles, and may even choose mosaics to really make the feature stand out. These may also be used as features perhaps on the shower wall.

Outside, similar sorts of guides apply to tiles. Generally, when we are trying to create an illusion of more space, or we are working with a high traffic area, we like to go with large tiles. And generally, when we are highlighting a small space, or somewhere that won’t need to be cleaned as often, we can go with small tiles.

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