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Is Marble Hygienic For Your Kitchen Floor?

When you’re either building or renovating a kitchen you need to take extra care in checking that the materials that you are using for your surfaces are hygienic.

Because you prepare food in the kitchen, it can be very easy to get sick if germs accumulate on these surfaces, which then accidentally get into your food. This is the reason why it’s always important to thoroughly clean your cooking utensils and wipe down all surfaces after you’ve had a meal.

Now, some materials fare better than others in the kitchen. For instance, an unfinished concrete floor is likely to catch all manner of germs in it, and can be very difficult to clean.

Marble is often number one at the top of people’s lists for use in the kitchen. Marble is an extremely popular choice for countertops, kitchen islands, splashbacks, walls, and floors. Marble can give a luxurious and spacious look.


But just because marble looks good, does it make a clever choice for the kitchen in terms of hygiene and cleaning.  Why is marble frequently used for pastry making surfaces and extensively in hotels and hospitals.

High quality dense marble honed or polished makes a wonderful kitchen floor.

All marble should be sealed by a professional to ensure the best surface possible and to enable easy cleaning.

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