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How You Can Have Fun and Be Creative with Stone Mosaics

Stone mosaics give you the freedom to have a bit of fun with your outdoor (or indoor) tiling. Rather than simple, boring, usual stone tiles, mosaics can really stand out and make areas look more interesting.

If you have a bit of a creative bent, or you’d like to freshen up your outdoor area with something a little different, why not see if one of these ideas might be for you?


Making your own mosaic pathway

Do you have some boring old brick or concrete pathways leading through your front or back yard? You might like to think about doing a feature stone mosaic walkway in its place. A mosaic pathway will draw in the eye and create an interesting effect that will last for many years to come.


Stone mosaic seating

Having natural in-built seating in the garden is always a winning idea. It can create a cosy space that can be used time and time again. Instead of boring concrete seats, mosaic tiled seating can make your seating area even more vibrant. If you’re feeling extra motivated, you might like to create an inbuilt table, too.


Mosaic stepping stones through your garden

Stepping stones are a great way for people to get to see more of your garden, like a little journey among the underbrush. These stepping stones look intriguing and can create different pathways through your garden. Choosing to use stone mosaic tiling (perhaps different mosaic patterns on each stepping stone?) adds that creative touch.


Sectioning coves of your garden

Sectioning off different areas of your yard can create something akin to the rooms in your home. You might have, for instance, a back porch area, a barbeque area, a lower seating area, a veggie patch, a grassed area, and flower beds. Because each area (or room?) of your yard is unique, you should style it in a unique way to set it apart. Using stone mosaics in one of your areas might then make it the creative, artistic area of your yard – perfect for getting in some inspiration.


Mosaic stone planter beds

Planter beds can be really boring, depending on what material they are made out of. If you’ve got old, falling apart wooden planter beds, or even some boring concrete boxes, then mosaicking the bed can be a great way to make them more interesting. Choose shades of mosaics that go with the type of flowers and plants that you have within them.

There are so many different ways to use stone mosaics to spruce up your garden. Think about how awesome they’d look in an outdoor shower, as a back door step, or even at the base of a stone barbeque. The choices are endless!