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How to Warm Up A Living Space with Marble Flooring This Winter

When it comes to flooring options, marble is the most luxurious choice you can make. There’s a reason marble floors are associated with luxury hotel lobbies, palaces and the world’s most famous concert halls. The stone is naturally elegant, sleek and ultra-chic.

Like all natural stone, though, marble tile can feel cold to the touch in winter. And marble can look cold and sterile if it’s not properly styled.

Fortunately, this is an easily reversible problem. A few interior accents can help you naturally warm up the look of an interior space. Plus, heating options are available to literally bring warmth to your floors.

This winter, don’t settle for cold marble floors; bring warmth to your living spaces with these DIY design ideas.


How to Warm Up A Living Space with Marble Flooring This Winter


Accentuate Marble Flooring with Warmth-Adding Features

In winter, you want your home to be a haven – a place you can cosy up and escape the cold rain. Adding warming features can help you increase the cosiness of your marble-floored living spaces. A few options include:

  • Area Rugs: Rugs are natural insulators and they help marble floors retain heat during the cool months. The good news: Rugs are temporary and cost-effective. You might also consider heated rugs and under-rug mats to maximise insulation.
  • Match Marble with Rich Colours and Materials: White, tan or grey marble tile floors have a natural cool look. Yet, a few warmth adding colours – like rich reds, yellows, deep blues and ebony – can help to balance the natural paleness. Materials like natural wood, copper and brass can also help to warm up the look of marble tile.
  • Natural Lighting: Marble slowly conducts heat; that means it takes longer to warm up but retains the heat for longer. Bathing marble floors in natural sunlight will prevent them from cooling down. Plus, natural views also help to create a warmer look for the interior space.


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Heating Options for Marble Floors

Since marble tends to retain heat, it can serve as a natural heat sink in the home. In other words, the marble will absorb radiant heat from the home, helping the home retain heat for longer. A few heating options can help you to maximise marble’s heat-retaining properties:

  • Toe Kick Heaters: Toe Kick Heaters hide between the lip, or toe kick, underneath kitchen or washroom cabinets, and they deliver a blast of warm air at floor level. This will help maximise the comfort of your marble floors.
  • Radiant Floor Heating: Radiant floor heating offers a highly efficient way to heat the home, albeit it’s a costly investment. A heat mat or hot water piping system is installed beneath the floor; this helps to heat the floors and deliver radiant heat throughout the home. Your floors will actually feel warm to the touch, and the created heat will also help lower your winter heating bill.
  • Install a Fireplace: Marble floors conduct heat naturally from fireplaces, and that’s why marble is often used as a fireplace surround material. Installing a fireplace in a room with marble flooring will increase the floor’s temperature and deliver radiant heat long after the fires burned out.

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