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How Stone Basins Can Be a Stand Out Feature in Bathrooms

Are you building a home, doing an extension, or renovating or remodelling your bathroom? There are a lot of choices to be made when you’re doing up a bathroom, from the type of shower heads to the tiles on the walls, to the material of the bathroom fixing.

While the majority of bathroom fixtures are still made out of ceramic, that is, your baths and sinks, have you thought about doing something a little bit different? That’s where stone basins come in.

Stone basins can be a stand out feature in your bathroom, and draw the admiration of both your family and your guests! So why choose stone?


Stone basins can create an earthy look

Unlike ceramic, stone basins give a much earthier look, as they are carved out of natural stone. Choosing a stone that blends in with your natural surroundings can take the outside environment in, in a subtle yet effective way. With the right tap fitting, an earthy stone basin can remind you of being out and about in the forest.


They can elevate the style of the bathroom

Marble basins create the look of classy opulence, and are hardwearing to boot. Beautiful white or black marble basins are popular in bathrooms for this very reason! You can either match the marble of your basin to other marble in your bathroom, or opt for it in a different colour to create a great juxtaposition.


They come in a huge range of sizes and shapes

You’re probably used to seeing basins all in the standard smaller size in homes, and perhaps a few larger ceramic ones while out and about. With stone basins you have even more choice. Stone basins come in shapes and sizes like a seemingly freestanding bowl, to a rectangular trough. Round, oval, rectangle, square, and even asymmetric, there is simply so much to choose from. A larger stone basin will always stand out more if you have the room to place it, too.


Choosing a different type of stone will make it stand out

Think about what type of stone, tiling, colours and features you are going to be putting into your bathroom. To have a truly stand out basin piece, choose complementary and yet bold colours and shapes. The idea is to still fit in with the styling of the rest of the bathroom and yet pop.


They’re modern and yet timeless

Stone basins have been making a huge comeback. Because they are a stylish choice, they appeal to many homeowners. A gorgeous stone basin will stay in style for the long haul.

If you take care of your stone basin, you’ll have a stand out feature that will inspire others for years to come!