Marble Wall Tiles

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Décor That Looks Stunning With Dark or Black Stone Tiles

Black stone tiles


The darker shaded varieties of tiles are a great option for any room in the house and when you buy dark stone floor tiles from Marble Matters you have the option of being able to decorate with any colour scheme of your choice.

It’s the neutral look of black marble floor tiles that can be enhanced using any eye-catching colours. You can add a splash of colour using wall decorations and accessories – rugs, pillows, throws, vases and other knick-knacks.


Select A Theme for Your Room

Choose your colour scheme and follow that with your theme – Art Deco using thin, crisp geometric lines, Victorian with high back chairs, doilies, lace or frilly pillows, or an eclectic look by combining a range of different shapes and styles of accessories and furniture.


Choose your Accent Colour Based on Your Theme

Choose the colour you want for your room, before you choose your wall colour. The accent colour must be pleasing to the eye and be complimented by the wall colour, use the accent colour throughout the whole room to lead to a look of continuity. Incorporate your accent colour into the wall colour, any accent colour is possible when you use black or darker hue of marble floor tiles from Marble Matters.


Select Your Wall Colour

With your accent colour chosen it’s now time to decide on your WALL COLOUR. Any colour paint will look great with charcoal stone floor tiles, a neutral colour such as blue-grey, grey or white allows you to change colours easily. Dark colours such as dark blue, forest green or dark grey will make the room look smaller due to your dark floor tiles. You can however use a dark colour if you want to – if there is a lot of natural light or the room is quite large. Brightly coloured walls such as red, bright orange or yellow can be over-powering when used in a small room, but work well in larger areas. Select a wall colour that compliments your existing furniture and add some accent colours by using wall decorations and other accessories.



Select accessories and wall decorations that include a splash of your accent colour. If you want uniformity try framed pictures or wall hangings with black frames and matching black accessories, ensure your wall hangings or pictures have splashes of the accent colour. Accessories can include knick-knacks, throws, pillows, candles, vases etc. and can have either a small splash of your accent colour or be entirely made of your accent colour.


Finish It All Off with CURTAINS

Your dark hues of marble flooring compliment any colour and style of curtain, keep your theme in mind and the wall and accent colours. Your curtain can either blend into the wall – by having your curtain and wall the same colour or they can be an accent colour. Curtains made with a smooth fabric such as damask reflect the light and will glimmer just like your beautiful stone  floor tile.