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We import and supply Omaha Beige marble pavers nation wide. Our stone pavers offer many benefits.
  • Cut from high quality marble blocks
  • Are stylish and surprisingly affordable
  • Less porous than travertine pavers
  • Able to be laid on concrete slabs or road base
  • Cool underfoot in summer sun
  • Calibrated so it is easy and quick to lay
  • Salt and chlorine safe
  • With “V” slip resistance ( risk very low )
  • Higher compressive strength/breaking load than concrete pavers
  • Not reconstituted or coloured. No efflorescence
Omaha beige is marble and does not have the cavities of travertine. Omaha beige pavers with sandblast finish have much lower slip risk and still smooth to walk on with bare foot. Our new marble pavers provide stunning alternatives to the designs of courtyards, patios, pools or fashionable outdoor rooms. The straight edges of our stone pavers allow you to minimise the joint. The colour can be kept as very light by using penetrating sealer and can be darkened by using stone enhancer.

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