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Cobblestones in Your Garden

If you want to add a touch of charm to your garden, you can’t go past cobblestone paving.

People have been using hard stones for centuries as both paving and to add decorative features to their homes. The handmade pavers of today are a classic and beautiful choice for your home especially if you are wanting to incorporate a walkway into your home’s décor. Today there are so many cobblestones available.

With a cobblestone pathway incorporated into your garden or outdoor area you add class and design to what once was probably a very bland and boring area. It’s that *imperfect* look you get from cobblestones that gives an appearance of casual charm and age, your home will look and feel gracious without being *stuffy*.

Cobblestones are well known for not only their beauty but for their durability as well.

Because cobblestones can actually handle vehicles driving over them they can also be used in driveways. Cobblestones can be used around swimming pools, patios, as walls and even for landscaping – which makes them perfect for use both inside and outside your home.

Cobblestones are the stones that were originally used for the paving of early streets. Cobble is the diminutive of the archaic English word – cob – which means a rounded bump. It originally referred to any small stone that had been rounded by water and was back then essentially a large pebble. It was these smooth cobbles from creek and river beds that were used to pave the first cobblestone streets.

In ancient times it was common to use flat stones with a flat narrow edge to be set on an edge to provide an even paved surface. This was called a *pitched surface* and was very common as it didn’t require rounded pebbles. Pitched surfaces pre-date the use of flat granite stones by more than 1000 years. Pitched paving is quite distinct from the formed rounded stones although today both surfaces are referred to as *cobbled surfaces*

The use of cobble stones today is considered to be a more up-market garden solution because they add beauty to any garden. Garden cobble paving stones are perfect for any landscaping needs and will make your outdoor area look stylish. By using different surfaces to cover areas in your garden you’ll find that garden maintenance over all is reduced. Covering your entire garden area with cobblestones will save you time and money while leaving you with a garden to be both envied and admired.

By using cobblestones correctly, you can make your garden area look simple, giving it balance, symmetry, colour, edging, proportion and unity.

Cobblestones are the perfect choice for anyone with a small yard who wants a maintenance free garden, or who needs a larger entertaining area – one that doesn’t get soggy or muddy when it rains.