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Are you buying travertine pavers?

This blog is about what you need to know when considering buying travertine pavers. Travertine is a type of natural stone. In outdoor and indoor projects, travertine offers great alternatives for designers because it is available in natural colours and for its chemical and physical properties. In addition to its versatility, the price of travertine has been coming down and now travertine is more affordable than ever. Its prices are lower than many man made sand and cement mix pavers. How can the imported travertine pavers be cheaper than the cement pavers? The mining  of a natural stone and the fabrication of stone pavers are not low cost operations. It requires big investment and lots of finance to run.

We must all have experienced that usually the good quality products may appear expensive in first sight however they turn to be more economical after we are tempted buy the so called ” cheaper” alternative. It is the same with the travertine pavers.


The quality of travertine pavers can be due to the stone itself or the production of it. Its dense structure (i.e. small cavities, minimal holes) and its sizing and colour sorting should tell you about the quality of the pavers.

Producing travertine pavers involves several steps.

Travertine blocks cut at the quarry
Travertine strips being cut from the block at a factory
Dimensioned pavers being calibrated and honed
Pavers being tumbled in vibrating drums


Pavers being sorted
Pavers packed
Crated packed in a container

Compromising in any step above might  bring you cheaper pavers but not necessarily any saving. If a product is sold at a low price there is always a reason for it. After finding out the true reason you can decide to  buy or not. In our experience in importing and selling stone  pavers there is no true economy in compromising over the quality. The table below highlights a few common facts.

So called “saving” The outcome 
 By compromising the quality of blocks *softer pavers / more porous (worn off corners after tumbling)

* pavers with more cavities & holes

*pitting appears as pavers get old

* pavers with clay fillings (clay fillings will come out some time after the installation by leaving big holes/cavities behind

* big variation in colours of pavers (i.e. poor colour selection)

* if you decide to use a sealer then these pavers would soak much more!!

 By compromising the  manufacturing quality * not calibration, i.e. lipping. Not safe and can increase the installation cost.

*dimensional inaccuracy, not square pavers

*different looking pavers , cheap looking projects

*higher risk of getting damaged pavers


Buying travertine pavers

Marble Matters has been importing and distributing travertine pavers for over 12 years. Our pavers are cut from export quality blocks, are calibrated, sorted and only the first quality pavers packed in our crates. We want our customers to enjoy our pavers for years to come. Considering the cost of any installation and the time span the pavers are to be used , we believe any compromise is a FALSE ECONOMY. In short it is very unlikely you would get top quality travertine pavers at a very low cost. We offer only the first quality pavers at affordable prices with our exceptional customer service. For more information or product enquiries please contact us today on (02) 9648 6222.