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All About Limestone Tiles

Limestone is a popular choice indoors and outdoors for a huge number of residential and commercial properties across the world. The feeling of limestone is calming, and yet warm and inviting. Considering limestone tiles for your next project? Read on to find out more about this gorgeous material.


What is limestone?


Limestone is a sedimentary rock, which is made up of around 50% calcium carbonate (or sometimes dolomite), with the rest made up of minerals like quartz, silt, and clay. The clay in the limestone is what can give it the different colours of yellows through to reds. This is because of the iron oxides in clay.


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Limestone can be formed from the breakdown of small ocean organisms over many millions of years (which is why it can contain those fossils that you might see in it), or it can be formed from water evaporation which leaves sediment.

Because we live in a land surrounded by water, you will likely have seen the great limestone cliffs along our famous coastline!



Limestone is familiar, natural and looks good


In many great buildings around the world, limestone is heavily featured. This includes the Empire State Building, the Tower of London, and even the Pyramids! Now it is featured heavily in more modern buildings including airports, and probably some of your friend’s outdoor areas including swimming pools and surrounds , terraces and outdoor bbq areas.

silver royale limestone tiles Sydney

Limestone is commonly used for both internal and external purposes. There are many different types and colours of limestone , hence its popularity.



Limestone comes in a range of colours and grains


While there is the instantly recognisable light cream limestone, it also comes in a wide variety of other colours. This includes light through to dark creams, the full gamut of grey, and even more brown and red tones. Limestone also comes in a variety of different grain types, too.



Limestone tiles are great for insulation


Limestone tiles, unlike other varieties of tiles such as marble, are not cold. They have a highly insulated effect, which is great if you have an area that is often cold that you would like to offset the chill. Even in winter, if you walk on limestone tiles in bare feet, the tiles will not feel uncomfortable.



Limestone tiles are easy to maintain


Normal household maintenance should suffice for your limestone tiles.  Regular vacuuming, sweeping and mopping with a non acid cleaner will keep them looking fine. As any natural surface spillages should be cleaned up straight away and if necessary specialized stone cleaners are available.

We have a great variety of limestone tiles on offer at Marble Matters, ranging from Lara Cream to Elephant Grey. Check out our full collection online to start planning your limestone area, or come into our showroom to see them in all their full glory.