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  • Producing filled and honed travertine tiles

Producing filled and honed travertine tiles


This video shows a part of manufacturing process of filled and honed travertine tiles. First the cavities of the tiles are filled with coloured cement. Then the tiles are dried before being cut to the final size. After trimming the tiles are cleaned and dried . The next step is sorting the tiles based on the quality and the colour. Tiles are grouped in different crates.


Wall claddings


That is how we make our wall claddings. First we cut 30mm thick strips. The width of the strips are usually 50 or 100mm with random lenghts. Then we split the pieces ( i.e. break the face ) as shown in the video. This finish is called split face or rock face.


Tumbled travertine pavers


First we size our travertine pavers. Next we calibrate. After that we place them in vibrating drums where they stay 5-10 minutes. This tumbling gives 10 years old look.


Production of stone tiles


This video shows how we make our stone tiles. First the strips are cut from the blocks. Then the strips are split. After this the tiles are calibrated first and their surfaces are machined, i.e. honed, brushed or polished.


Manufacturing limestone tiles and limestone pavers


We cut strips from blocks first. Then we split those strips into 12 mm thick tiles. Then tile tiles are calibrated and honed ( or brushed / polished finish depending on the required surface finish). The final step in the production is the trimming . The tiles are cut to the final size first and then are sorted based on quality and colour. They are grouped in different crates.
The pavers ( 30mm thick) are manufactured in a similar way.


Sandblasted Pavers


That is how we sandblast our limestone pavers. We can control the level of sandblast finish by changing the speed of the conveyor belt. Our silver royale pavers are safe to use around pools.


Silver Royale Pavers by Marblematters®


People often question the strength of our pavers for their driveways. We tested and recorded the results for you.
Our Silver Royale pavers provide stunning alternatives to the designs of courtyards, patios, pools or fashionable outdoor rooms.

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