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3 Vital Tips For Maintaining Marble Surfaces

Marble is one of the world’s most naturally beautiful stones. It is softer than granite and commonly used on walls and floors in both home and commercial applications. Marble can be used almost anywhere in the home.  You will find it used on spanning kitchen tops and even on bathroom floors. Marble offers a wide range of colours and usually takes a good polish.  Marble surfaces make your living area elegant and timeless.

Most people are drawn to its durability and versatility. Its maintenance is not as difficult as some lead to believe. Marble is a precious and beautiful stone that may loose its shine-over the years. If desired, it can be re-honed or polished to bring it back to its original state. (That is another big advantage of using full body natural stone tiles rather than glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles)

When choosing a perfect natural stone to use in your home, consider the following reasons for why you should opt for marble:

Easy to Clean and Maintain

As with any floor covering, cleaning helps prevent surface scratching and tarnishing which is very common with most marble floors. To get the best life out of your marble floor covering ensure the surface is clean and free of debris and wipe down all liquid spills in a timely manner. A variety of marble cleaners are available on the market, but it is just as cheap and efficient to use a pH neutral soap with warm water and a soft cloth when wiping the surface. Never use any form of acidic solution such as vinegar to clean. This only invites etching, reducing durability.

Marble floors and counter-tops in kitchens and bathrooms can experience accidental spills. Due to the nature of marble, absorption of spills is very minimal.  Polishing and sealing will boost its resistance to penetration. There are many sealers on the market for different type of stone. We are more than happy to recommend a sealer best suited to your needs. Sealers are easy to apply and can make your life easier. Marble Matters will work with you to find the right product and the required sealer for your needs.

Beauty and Attractiveness

Marble stones are undeniably extremely beautiful. You will notice the addition of value and class when using marble to compliment the attractiveness of your kitchen. Thus it is beneficial to opt for a good designer who will create that ‘wow’ effect you are craving when using this product in your home.

Very Durable

One thing you are sure to consider when choosing any type of stone flooring, is durability. You will probably opt for one that stays clean and attractive for a long time. Good maintenance practices like regular cleaning (not necessarily any more often than other products) makes marble stones one of the most durable flooring products on the market. Most counter-tops and bathroom floors made of this natural stone will outlast their owners.

Marble Surfaces

Some marbles are much denser and harder than others and some are millions of years older than others. The most important thing is using the right product for the right application. During the production of tiles/slabs, some marble requires chemicals like resin and epoxy. It would be better not to use these marbles on outside projects as the UV might change the colour of resin used. They are very commonly acceptable for indoor applications.

Marble Matters has been importing and distributing premium quality natural stone products for over 12 years and has the experience of sourcing and recommending the right product for your needs. We sell with an exceptional service.

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