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How You Can Have Fun and Be Creative with Stone Mosaics

Stone mosaics give you the freedom to have a bit of fun with your outdoor (or indoor) tiling. Rather than simple, boring, usual stone tiles, mosaics can really stand out and make areas look more interesting.
If you have a bit of a creative bent, or you’d like to freshen up your outdoor area with something a little different, why not see if one of these ideas might be for you?
Making your own mosaic pathway
Do you have some boring old brick or concrete pathways leading through your front or back yard? You might like to think about doing a feature stone …

How Stone Basins Can Be a Stand Out Feature in Bathrooms

Are you building a home, doing an extension, or renovating or remodelling your bathroom? There are a lot of choices to be made when you’re doing up a bathroom, from the type of shower heads to the tiles on the walls, to the material of the bathroom fixing.
While the majority of bathroom fixtures are still made out of ceramic, that is, your baths and sinks, have you thought about doing something a little bit different? That’s where stone basins come in.
Stone basins can be a stand out feature in your bathroom, and draw the admiration of both your family and your …

Cobblestones in Your Garden

If you want to add a touch of charm to your garden, you can’t go past cobblestone paving.
People have been using hard stones for centuries as both paving and to add decorative features to their homes. The handmade pavers of today are a classic and beautiful choice for your home especially if you are wanting to incorporate a walkway into your home’s décor. Today there are so many cobblestones available.

With a cobblestone pathway incorporated into your garden or outdoor area you add class and design to what once was probably a very bland and boring area. It’s that *imperfect* look …

Pool Mosaics Bring Bling to Your Pool

If you want to keep your pool from looking boring and humdrum, incorporating a glass mosaic design into your swimming pool could be just the lift it needs.
Coloured cement finish coatings are typical, but over time they will start to fade, but if you use a solid coloured glass tile you will never have to have your pool walls recoated again – which will save you money in the long run.

Glass tiles are there forever, they won’t change their look or more importantly their colour which can occur through damage from the sun and chlorine. Maintaining glass tiles is super …